googleは韓国のオンラインオフィス・スーツであるthinkfreeを買収する意向がある。thinkfreeはHaansoftの子会社でオンライン版はgoogle doc&spredsheetsと似た製品。writely、irowsと買収を進めてきたgoogleだが今のところ買収交渉はHaansoftの拒否に遭ってうまくいっていない。

However, the Korea-based creator of the ThinkFree suite is reluctant to sell it to Google, an executive at the firm said. The Google team that handled the recent purchase of YouTube has met twice this month with representatives of ThinkFree Corp, according to Jong-jin Baek, the president of ThinkFree's parent company, Haansoft. Google's intention is to acquire ThinkFree, Baek claimed in interviews with Korean media over the weekend.