gwong dung waa syu jap faat ho ji zi ci bat tung dik ping faat
gwong dung wa syu yap faat ho yi ji chi bat tung di ping faat


Wong, a Seattle native and software engineer at the Google office here in the Emerald City, was traveling last year with Google software engineer Hannah Tang in Hong Kong, where Cantonese is widely spoken. The two had trouble using a Yelp-equivalent app because they couldn’t figure out how to enter particular Cantonese characters. [...]
So for the next 12 months, Wong and Tang rallied up fellow Googlers from Mountain View, New York City, Beijing and Singapore to help them develop a way to fix this difficult and complex problem. Everyone had different skills that were crucial to the development process, whether it was a linguistics background to parse apart input issues, language analysis A.I. expertise or just people who knew a lot about the Cantonese dialect. And of course it couldn’t have been done without Google’s massive data set.