Filtering: Friendfeed needs filtering. If I already have Twitteriffic on, It makes sense to be able to filter out all Twitter bits from my friendfeed. If I'm in the mood for checking out photos from friends, I may want to see only photos on my friendfeed. If I'm looking for what my friends have been listening to on, I might want to see only that. [...] Search, domain clustering: Why can't I search for words in my friend feed? A term extraction algorithm + search could become a pretty good tool to know what the people I care about have been saying about, that's say, "design", "user experience" or "development" related. Now that would be useful.

The one pervasive concern lodged against FriendFeed when we reviewed it earlier this week is that FriendFeed introduces too much overflow with its all-in-one stream. With the FriendFeed by Service script installed, you can filter your feeds by service so you can see at a glance, for example, what music your friends are into on or what bookmarks they made in FriendFeed by Service is free, requires Firefox with Greasemonkey.