google chromeをusbから使えるPortable Chrome

googlechromeブラウザをusbから使えるようにするPortable Chrome。ドイツのブロガーCaschyがまとめたPortable Chromeはまったく公式なポータブル版ではないが、PortableAppsのポータブル版が出るまでの暫定的な方法として充分に使えるだろう。zipファイルをusbに解凍してChromeLoader.exeを実行すればいい。

You've seen its flashy features and were impressed with its speed, and now you wish you could put Google Chrome on your thumb drive and take it with you wherever you go? It's far from official, but German blogger Caschy has put together a portable version of Google Chrome you can run off your thumb drive. Just unzip the download to your thumb drive and run ChromeLoader.exe. All your Chrome settings and profile information now saves to your thumb drive. This is a very early solution, and we'll be keeping our eyes out for a more streamlined version from the folks at PortableApps, but if you're dying to take Chrome with you, this Portable Chrome should do the trick.