gmailをオフラインで閲覧編集できるDojo Offline Toolkit

gmailで現在欠けていて、待ち望まれている機能にオフラインのサポートがある。google docs&spreadsheetsにしてもgmailにしても特にインターネット回線の不安定な場所ではオフラインで編集・閲覧ができることが必要になる。このsitepenの支援によりBrad Neubergが開発中のオープンソースでクロス・プラットフォームで使えるDojo Offline Toolkitをインストールするとgmailの左側にoffline info項目が現れて操作できるようになる。現在モックアップがサイトにアップされているがツールは今後3ヶ月かけて開発後、公開される。

Imagine a version of GMail with a "Work Offline" button on the left-hand side of the screen. When pressed, GMail downloads 100 of your most recent emails into Dojo Offline, including pieces of it's user-interface. A user can now close their browser and leave the network, stepping on an airplane for example. Once in the air, the user can then simply open their laptop and browser and type in The GMail UI magically appears, along with their 100 most recent emails. A user can read these mails, compose new ones, or reply to existing ones. A flight attendant announces that the plane will land soon; the user closes their browser and laptop. Later, when they are back on the network, they can click the "Work Online" button, which will send all of their locally written emails to the GMail server.

What download? There's no download yet ― the toolkit is in development :) These are just mockups to figure out the API and UI requirements at this point; the toolkit will be developed over the next 3 months, and will be available at the end of that time (though betas and early iterations will be available sooner than 3 months). It will all be open source.