googleがオンライン・プレゼンツールとしてthumbstacksを買収の噂。オンライン・プレゼンツールとして使えるものとしてはS5、HTML slidy、PerlPoint、Opera ShowとかSoapBXがあるけれども、thumbstacksは直感的でgoogleの風格に近い。googleはthumbstacksをビジネス向けではなく、日常使うツールとして十分であればいいと考えているのでofficeシリーズのような完全な機能は持ち合わせていない。

"Google doesn't expect enterprise users to use online versions of office applications. It will be a long time, if ever, before Web-based applications provide the extensive functionality of traditional office suites," Gartner said in a research note released Tuesday. "In many cases, however, the reduced-function Web-based applications are 'good enough.' And they may be particularly good enough when employed in 'civilian' collaborative environments (for example, by "soccer moms" or by investment clubs) or environments where nothing is installed today."