yahooがyoutubeのようなビデオ・サービスを始める。今までも、yahooにはyahoo videoがあるけれども他社のサービスを検索するのみだった。今後はyoutubeと同様にタグ付け、レート付けやビデオ・アップロードができるようになる。

It looks like Yahoo is building the “Flickr of Video” after all. Niall Kennedy has posted a shot of the upcoming video sharing site, Yahoo Video. The site sounds like a perfect YouTube clone, complete with tagging, rating, user submissions and favorites. This will be very different to the current Yahoo Video, which is simply a search engine for other video sites. It also comes in the same week as AOL’s soft launch of UnCut Video.
So how does this affect the odds of a YouTube acquisition?