期待されながらうまく機能していないfreenetにフラストレーションを抱いたEric RiesとMalcolm Handleyが一から書き上げたp2p rpcシステム。デモとしてBitTorrentを改良したKenosis-BitTorrentがある。

Two years ago, Malcolm Handley and I started the Dasein Software Partnership in order to create new peer-to-peer tools and applications for the Free Software world. We started writing applications for Freenet, but grew frustrated with Freenet's lack of stability. Next, we switched to The Circle, a distributed hashtable based on Chord. Despite its maturity, it too is not stable or reliable enough to form a suitable platform.
So we decided that we would need to create a new system, designed from the ground up for simplicity, stability, and scalability. We call that system Kenosis.