Glow is a JavaScript library used extensively across BBC Online, and now available for anyone to download and use on their own sites. Put simply, Glow allows web developers to easily manipulate web pages, create animations and add sophisticated "widgets" to their pages. The library has a comprehensive and easily navigated set of documentation.

The BBC has a strong tradition of supporting open source software, we use it widely across many of our platforms and it performs a vital role in our day to day business. We have also released numerous software projects under open source licences in the past, including various CPAN modules, Apache modules, even state of the art video codecs. Glow was an obvious candidate for open sourcing. As a JavaScript library, it's free of dependencies, self contained and therefore easy for anyone to use outside the BBC. The more important question we felt was, "why not open source Glow?". We couldn't think of any answers to that.