While a number of modules in CSS3 are still questionable and software providers are struggling with CSS2.1 implementations, CSS3 is surely one of the most awaited deployments across web designers. It is not merely about the looks, but an advantage on the tech side as well.
[...] CSS3 Web Fonts module is currently in the status of Working Draft 2 and even though it's a low priority development let's hope it gets finalized and implemented by the leading browser developers. WebKit's team has put up a very good initiative.


sIFR is great – a fabulously clever and effective hack – but it's always just been a patch waiting for the proper fix which is @font-face. Sure, some web designers will end up using shockingly inappropriate fonts, but others will enhance our experience will carefully chosen, superior typefaces. [...] As for Firefox, we may have to wait a year or so as @font-face is not scheduled for Firefox 3.