RDFをふんだんに活用したThe Venice Project

今週にニューヨークで開かれるFuture of Television Forumにて発表予定のskype創業者によるvenice projectはRDFをふんだんに使っている。venice projectは著作権管理にRDFベースのDAMを使い、redlandを活用している。またvenice projectではDirect3DXULウィジェットを組み合わせて使っているとのこと。

We make extensive use of RDF in different places. It all starts with a core RDFS/Owl schema that is used to capture various kinds of information (think FOAF +imdb+RSS+a lot more). I suspect some parts of the modelling work that was done here will make it into future standards for online video.


We're also looking for ways to slim down the platform. RDF is the first target on everyone's list, and contributors from The Venice Project proved that instinct is correct, because they ship Redland, which is far more capable than any Mozilla RDF code. I don't think anyone would oppose having Redland JS bindings in the tree, as long as they aren't built by default. The Venice Project also demonstrated XUL widgets with Direct3D compositing, in the form of tranlucent controls running on top of video playback. An OpenGL port is in the works.


Skype, the service that pioneered free internet phone calls, will this week launch another service offering free films and TV programmes. The plan is likely to run into opposition from content owners such as television companies and Hollywood studios.[...]
Zennstrom and Friis plan to use the Future of Television Forum in New York at the end of this week to unveil a video website that offers free high-definition downloads of films and television shows on computers.